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Discover Standby by Landing

Live wherever and whenever you want at $1,495 per month. Enjoy the best way to live flexibly across the US in fully furnished homes that fit your needs with $0 membership.

1,900+ Trustpilot Reviews - Excellent
1,900+ Trustpilot Reviews - Excellent

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What Standby offers

  • Check Mark IconWiFi + utilities included and already setup (save over $250/mo)
  • Check Mark IconFully-furnished premium apartments
  • Check Mark IconFreedom to move seamlessly between Standby markets
  • Check Mark IconGreat value with lower prices
  • Check Mark Icon24/7 local customer support
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Average market rate - $2209 $1495/mo

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Average market rate - $2209 $1495/mo

How Standby works


Make a reservation

Choose a home among our open inventory in 375+ Standby cities. Standby is available today
except for those in New York and California.



Move into your new home in as little as 48 hours once you've been verified. Pack your bags, you’re living on Standby.
We recommend embracing the minimalist lifestyle.


Move to another home

Whether you want a change of scenery or we ask you to move (bump), we’re here to help! Our team will assist with your
move or you can switch homes easily with the app.

Getting bumped
When the home you are living in is no longer available, we will notify you to select a new home in our app. You’ll have a minimum of three days’ notice to pick your new home. We cover the cleaning fee if we ask you to move.

Why Standby?

Enjoy all the features and amenities included in Standby that will make you feel at home for as low as $1495/mo.

Modern furnishings

Standby vs standard booking

24/7 customer support
Live in 375+ cities
Furnished and operated by Landing
Local support from area general manager
Book between Standby and Standard
Lower prices

WiFi+ utilities included

Standby has been compared to Standard booking without membership. WiFi + utilities are included for members only.

Won’t get bumped

Standby members will be able to live in a home as long as it doesn’t get booked by a standard member. We’ll give you a minimum of 3-day notice and will assist you to find a new home in the same city. You’ll be able to oscillate in between memberships at any time.


What customers are saying about Standby

The landing I've been staying at was well provisioned. Anne (Area General Manager) has reached out multiple times over the first several weeks to check in to see how things are going. Very happy with my experience with Landing!
Rob Nelson

Who is Standby for?

Standby is a program for a person who wants flexibility with no long term leases.

Standby is for someone who wants to enjoy the best of both worlds - quality homes and low prices.

Standby is for someone adventurous who likes to explore and live in different places.

See what your life on Standby could look like

Move from city-to-city or try out different parts within a city

Frequently Asked Questions

Standby is available today in all 375+ Landing cities except for those in New York and California. Use the search above to see all of our options wherever you want to go next!

When the home you are living in is no longer available, we will notify you to select a new home in our app. You’ll have a minimum of three days’ notice to pick your new home. We cover the cleaning fee if we ask you to move.

Whenever you want to switch homes, you can choose from our available inventory in our app at the same three days' notice. We require that you pay $150 to get your current home cleaned for the next member.

We cannot promise parking at all Standby homes. Most Standby members look for local parking options in their areas when it is not included with their Standby home.

We do not have pet-friendly options for Standby today. Landing Standby does allow ESAs and support animals.

We recommend Standby members utilize Amazon lockers or USPS stores for package delivery. Landing is not responsible for mail delivered to a previous Standby home.

Like our standard members, Standby members must complete our verification process. Landing requires a 640+ credit score for Standby. Students, recent graduates, and international applicants may apply with a cosigner.

Your first month’s subscription, in addition to your Landing membership, is charged on signup to secure your limited spot in the Standby program. Standby billing is monthly. You will be charged the rate for the market you are in on your billing date each month.

If you decide to cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking, you will receive a full refund. If you ever get bumped from a Standby home with no options available in your market, we will provide Landing credits to account for unused nights.

We recommend packing light! In the event that you’re bumped you won’t want to move tons and tons of stuff, but don’t worry, every Landing is fully furnished and move-in ready. Each Landing is equipped with kitchen appliances, hangers, a vacuum, dishes, you name it!